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© 2005 Allen Ring

This piece is dedicated to our Greek friend who is the bane of every high school geometry student and the longest continuously published author in history. It is pure Euclidean geometry: circles, triangles and squares. The main element is a reaching 30-60-90 degreee triangle, superimposed on a classic isosceles 45-45-90 triangle. The half circle residing at the base ties both together.

The wood columns, in their natural color, are precision machined to follow the works body. They are cut into 16 segments in imitation of the standard binary light array, and are radiused to a diameter of 7 inches to add that sacred prime number to the piece.

Euclid’s Ideal has clean simple lines, appearing solid and steady, as one would expect Euclidian geometry to be. Turning the isosceles triangle on its side and suspending it above the surface creates a negative space and a bit of unbalance. Aesthetic considerations also dictate the asymmetrical binary light array.