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Artist's Statement

Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life in search of the unified field theory, the set of equations that will explain the interaction of all known forces. Physicists believe that there are only four forces: electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These equations remain undiscovered. I believe that science is failing because it overlooks a fifth universal force; the elemental force of beauty.

We all experience beauty. Each of us uses it to create. Our physical body, spirit and mind are uniquely attuned to perceive, amplify, direct and apply the force of beauty. Beauty is the pure energy field that we use, with intent, to create. It is what the observer is doing to make the quantum particle real. It is the force we use to take the non-entity we call an ‘idea’ and physically manifest it into our four dimensional world.

It seems that the perceived constraints of cost and time have resulted in a great deal of ugly technology. Even so, it is not difficult to find examples of innovative, elegant, and even beautiful technology. I would argue that the difference between the two are not economics or life cycles, but desire, intention and attention.

The beauty energy is abundant and by its very nature easy to use. Its application simply requires intent and focus. The intent, the eye for detail, is the desire to create something more grandiose and beautiful than functionally necessary. The focus needs to be on infusing the heart into technology. It needs to be on creating little pieces of mass produced art. ‘Form follows function’ may get the job done but form and function together artistically expressed is the killer application.

Pay honor to your craft; consider your product a sacred offering to human progress. Engineering wrought of the fifth force will resonate with each of our innate abilities to recognize and emote beauty.

What could be more successful?